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Peter Steigerwald studied communication design with a focus on photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg. In addition, he has professional practice in the fields of the former analogue continuous tone prepress sector and product photography. Since 1993 he has been responsible for the photo department and the photo archive of the Frobenius Institute. In consequence, he is in charge of all photographic and archival tasks arising, especially with regard to taking preserving measures concerning the old photo negatives, the reproduction and digitization of the large format rock painting copies and the participation in developing and expanding the image database. Besides all the daily work, such as digitizing photographs and providing researchers, publishers and the media with quality image files, he is regularly involved in the planning and preparation of the Frobenius Institute's exhibitions and produces most of the modern photographic prints for these. He also advises researchers and students on general photographic issues. He has published some essays and texts on the subject of "reproducing negatives", on the development of the image database and in the context of the institute’s exhibitions. Besides the employment at the Frobenius Institute, Peter Steigerwald is also pursuing his own photo activities.