Guests at the Frobenius Institute

Gäste FI 2022 Dr. Worku Nida (University of California at Riverside) and Dr. Anbessa Teferra (Tel Aviv University) are guests at the Frobenius Institute between June and August 2022.

Dr. Worku Nida is involved in the DFG research project: "On the saf(v)e side: Informal business associations and aspirations for the future in the Ethiopian diaspora" and uses his time at the Frobenius Institute to exchange with colleagues and work on publications.

Dr. Anbessa Teferra was invited through the Centre for Interdisciplinary African Research (ZIAF) at Goethe University. During his visit to Frankfurt, he is working on a joint book project about his region of origin, Sidaama in Ethiopia, and is seeking exchange with colleagues to develop future research projects.