Søren Feldborg Pedersen

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Raum: 0.516 (IG-Farben Gebäude, Quergang Q5)
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Regionale Schwerpunkte:
Westafrika, Benin

Thematische Schwerpunkte:
Prehistoric archaeology, ceramic studies, modern and prehistoric ceramics from West Africa



since 2017:
The Tarquinia Project: A Summary of 25 Years of Excavation”. Registration and analysis of the Tomba del Morre graves in collaboration with University of Milan.

since 2015:
Member of the BDArc team (Benin-Denmark Archaeology)

Bénin, West Africa. Registration and analysis of Sodohomé II ceramics. Documenting the chaîne opératoire of ceramic production from three modern pottery production sites. Material for MA thesis.

Bénin, West Africa. Excavation of a pre-Dahomey grave and pit deposition in collaboration with the University of Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou.

Bénin, West Africa. Excavation of a Sodohomé II cave. Survey of the Abomey plateau.




PhD. student of the Frobenius Institute, Johan Wolfgang Goethe University


MA degree from the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen. MA thesis “Traces of Industry – An evaluation of standardisation, and the application of this concept to a ceramic material from modern and prehistoric Bénin


BA degree from the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen