Leo Frobenius Library of Cultural Anthropology

IG Building, Basement Q6, 0.615, Telephone: 069/798-33248 

Opening times
Tuesday to Friday:  11.00 – 16.00

Any interested person is welcome to use the collections of the library in the reading .
The regulations of the Leo Frobenius Library of Cultural Anthropology apply.
- Employees and students of the university
- Members of the Frobenius Institute, the Museum of World Culture and the Frobenius Society
- Residents of Frankfurt and its environs 

Regional foci: Africa, America, Indonesia, Oceania
Thematic foci:  Prehistory and early history, cultural history, rock paintings, material culture, anthropology of religion
Size of collections: ca. 121,500 volumes, 500 current journals and series, 1,800 films > Standortsystematik
Partner institutions: Exchanges with more than 185 institutions worldwide 

Catalogues (books, journals, films)
- Card catalogue (literature to 1993)
- Information sheet on the database for anthropologists 

Particular features
- Monographs are catalogued by means of a detailed thesaurus
- The catalogues contain articles from collected volumes and journals 

Media library
A small Media Library ( 0.501) is attached to the library for borrowing of equipment by members of the university.