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  • "Views - landscapes - engraved rocks": photo exhibition in Valcamonica, Italy

"Views - landscapes - engraved rocks": photo exhibition in Valcamonica, Italy

Italien Locandina SGUARDI PAESAGGI ROCCE INCISE. DEFFrom August 2nd through November 4th 2018 photographs from the Frobenius-Institute's photo archives are on display at three locations in Valcamonica, Italy.
The photgraphs portray draftsmen and draftswomen at work, producing copies of the Valcamonica's famous rock art, during travels initated by Leo Frobenius in the years 1935, 1936 and 1937.

Valcamonica's rock art is known as one of the world's largest group of prehistoric petroglyphs, and was listed as UNESCO world heritage site in 1979. To document the local rock art originating mostly from the bronze age, Leo Frobenius sent out some his most experienced artists such as Maria Weyersberg, Elisabeth Pauli or Elisabeth Krebs. Through sketching and painting they produced life-sized copies of the rock art preserved today in the institute's archives in Frankfurt/Main.

At the same time tousands of b/w photographes were shot in the valley. Trough the cooperation between the Frobenius Institute and the Soprintendenza Archeologia della Lombardia the historical negatives were processed and digitized in an elaborate process by the head of the photo archive, Peter Steigerwald. A selection of these pictures can now be seen for the first time at the place of their creation.