Anthropology library renamed

Umbenennung Ethnologische Bibliothek Leo FrobeniusThe Frobenius Institute's library carries a new name:
"Leo Frobenius Library of Cultural Anthropology"

With a total of 131,311 volumes (as of the end of 2018), the library is the most important specialised library for social and cultural anthropology in the German-speaking world. It bears the collections of the Frobenius Institute, the Department of Social and Cultural Antropology of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main as well as the valuable old collections of the Weltkulturenmuseum of the City of Frankfurt. Outstanding collections are the large old collection (more than 30,000 volumes), almost 500 current journals and series, the collection of book and journal articles, a map collection (1,740) and a film collection (more than 2,000 DVDs).

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