The wax and gold of hairstyles in Ethiopia

Poster wax and goldFrom June 2nd, 2022, the South Omo Research Center in Jinka will show the photo exhibition

"The wax and gold of hairstyles in Ethiopia"

The exhibition was already on display at the Addis Ababa Museum in Ethiopia in May/June 2021. After "BAXXE ፤ HOME", this is the fourth exhibition organized in collaboration between the Goethe-Institute Ethiopia and the Frobenius Institute. The exhibition features photographs from southern Ethiopia, particularly Gedeo, the Konso Mountains, and the South Omo Region, taken between 1934 and 1971 as part of expeditions of the Frobenius Institute.


Curated by Abel Assefa


The online version of the exhibition can be found here.



Walta TV (video starts from 17:16) – Link

Fana TV, 30th of May 2021 – Link

Asham TV, 6th of June  – Link (Amharic)  – Link (English Subtitles)