"Magic, Science, Economics" by Prof. Dr. Chris Gregory

Poster Gregory IIProf. Dr. Chris Gregory will give a lecture on Monday 27th of June 2022 in room HZ14 of the Hörsaalzentrum at the Campus Westend of Goethe University. The lecture starts at 10:15 am. Interested listeners are welcome to attend.

Chris Gregory is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the Australian National University (ANU). He delivered the Jensen Memorial Lectures in 2017. His book "Gifts and Commodities" is one of the most important classics of economic anthropology and provides rigorous counter-arguments to the economic theories of Pierre Bourdieu and Arjun Appadurai. His other research focuses on the political economy and culture of rice cultivation in Bastar (India) as expressed in the oral epics of women, and kinship and marriage in central India.