Successful university dialogues within the framework of a DAAD project with Iran

After careful planning and numerous precautionary measures in view of the Corona pandemic, a team of the Frobenius Institute and the Institute of Ethnology of Goethe University succeeded in welcoming eight professors, junior researchers and graduate students from universities and research institutions in Isfahan, Mashhad and Tehran as guests of the “University Dialogues with Islam” in Frankfurt in November 2021.

Senckenberg Eindrcke Roland HardenbergImpression from the Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt. Photo: Roland HardenbergDuring their two-week individual study trips, numerous discussions took place about research projects, experiences in applying for third-party funding were exchanged, and contacts were established with German and international research institutions. Cultural exchange was not neglected either, as the trip was also used to visit, for example, the Center for Muslim Culture Frankfurt e.V., the Senckenberg Museum and the archives of the Frobenius Institute in Frankfurt, to make excursions to Darmstadt, Heidelberg and the “Felsenmeer” as well as to gather new culinary impressions.

In return, graduate students from Frankfurt Goethe University will now visit the city of Mashhad as part of individual study trips to deepen the dialogue that has begun.