Research Award

The Frobenius Institute awards the annual "Frobenius Society's Research Award" to young up-and-coming scholars who have shown in their doctoral thesis and previous work that they are well qualified to pursue a future academic career. Anthropologists presently engaged in post-doctoral work may also apply. Until 2000 the prize was awarded in the form of an annual grant; since 2004 it has been awarded as a cash prize of  € 3,000.


Previous awardees are:

2019: Natalie Lang (Göttingen)

2018: without nomination

2017: Valerie Hänsch (Bayreuth)

2016: Matthias Debald (Frankfurt)

2015: Philipp Zehmisch (München)

2014: Mirco Göpfert (Mainz)

2013: Christina Gabbert (Halle/Saale)
2012: Dominik Müller (Frankfurt)
2011: Manuel Roland Rauchholz (Heidelberg)
2010: Laila Prager (Münster)
2009: Martin Zillinger (Siegen)
2008: Petra Maass (Göttingen)
2007: Henry Kammler (Frankfurt)
2006: Markus Verne (Bayreuth)
2005: Cora Bender (Frankfurt)
2004: Guido Sprenger (Münster)